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Tainan City Government Public Health Bureau

Public Health Bureau of Tainan City Government

 Mental Health Promotion Division

l   Mental health promotion and suicide prevention
l   Domestic violence and sexual assault prevention
l   Alcoholism treatment and prevention
l   Dental services for the disabled
Health Promotion Division
l   Healthcare management
- Breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, oral cancer & liver cancer prevention
- Chronic disease prevention
l   Health promotion
- Healthy lifestyle establishment; Obesity prevention
- Smoke-free environment establishment; Tobacco & betel nut control
- Aging-friendly city; community healthcare establishment
- Occupational hygiene & health management
l   Maternal & Child health
- Health and welfare for pregnant women
- Prenatal care service subsidization and case management
- maternal & child friendly hospital; population policy; teenage sex education
- Preschool health management
- Children disease prevention and healthcare
- Free denture for elders aging 65 or above and aboriginals aging 55 or above
- Health care for menopause and the disabled; internship for registered nurse
Disease Control Division
l   Vaccination
l   Epidemic disease prevention and control
l   Dengue fever prevention and control
l   Sexually transmitted disease & AIDS prevention
l   Foreign worker health management
l   Food vendor sanitation management
l   Hospital infection control audit
l   Emerging diseases & disease prevention resource
Public Health Inspection Division
l   Food and drug inspection and audit
l   Medical affairs inspection and audit
l   Tobacco control audit
l   Food vendor sanitation inspection
Comprehensive Planning Division
l   Parliamentary procedures and affairs; supervision and evaluation
l   Legal affairs; complaints and petitions management
l   Administration plan; public health station management
l   Event management
l   Press release management; English as second official language; 
l   Volunteer management; project planning
Medical Affairs Division
l   Medical institution management and audit 
l   Medical fraud investigations and sanctions
l   Illegal medical advertisement investigation 
l   Medical waste examine and audit
l   Disability assessment
l   Physician, dentist, and Chinese medical physician dispatch notification 
l   Medical institution’s labor physical examination notification
l   Business registration and deregistration of the following:
- Clinic, dental clinic, Chinese medicine clinic,  medical diagnostic laboratory, physical therapy clinic, radiation therapy clinic, occupational therapy clinic
- Physician, dentist, Chinese medical physician, medical technologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, radiologist
l   Medical institution construction plan review
l   Medical expenses review
l   Medical dispute coordination
l   Regional emergency medical care
l   Ambulance management  
l   Emergency and multiple casualty incident management
l   First AID
Food and Drug Administration Division
l   Food safety
- Food processed factory and restaurants inspection  
- Food vendor and meat sanitation management
- Vegetable pesticide test; food hygiene in school 
- Box meal industry management  
- Food additives and distributor hygiene inspection
- Illegal food advertisement and food poisoning case management 
- Food safety administrator management  
- Food and drug testing application management
l   Pharmaceutical affairs
- Chinese and Western medicine, medical devices and cosmetic management
- Pharmacist and assistant pharmacist business registration management
- Pharmacy business registration management
- Pharmaceutical plant, cosmetic factory and medical devices factory inspection
- Pharmaceutical products inspection
- Hospital and clinics, pharmaceutical products inspection, controlled drugs management
- Illegal drugs investigation, unlicensed pharmacy enforcement