Mental Health Promotion Division

l Mental health promotion and suicide prevention
l Domestic violence and sexual assault prevention
l Alcoholism treatment and prevention
l Dental services for the disabled

Health Promotion Division

l Healthcare management
- Breast cancer

Disease Control Division

cervical cancer

Public Health Inspection Division

colon cancer

Comprehensive Planning Division

rectal cancer

Medical Affairs Division

oral cancer & liver cancer prevention
- Chronic disease prevention
l Health promotion
- Healthy lifestyle establishment; Obesity prevention
- Smoke-free environment establishment; Tobacco & betel nut control
- Aging-friendly city; community healthcare establishment
- Occupational hygiene & health management
l Maternal & Child health
- Health and welfare for pregnant women
- Prenatal care service subsidization and case management
- maternal & child friendly hospital; population policy; teenage sex education
- Preschool health management
- Children disease prevention and healthcare
- Free denture for elders aging 65 or above and aboriginals aging 55 or above
- Health care for menopause and the disabled; internship for registered nurse

Food and Drug Administration Division

l Vaccination
l Epidemic disease prevention and control
l Dengue fever prevention and control
l Sexually transmitted disease & AIDS prevention
l Foreign worker health management
l Food vendor sanitation management
l Hospital infection control audit
l Emerging diseases & disease prevention resource